Reading Teacher Endorsement without a Degree

Core courses for the Reading Teacher Endorsement on the Professional Educator License meet State of Illinois requirements for 24 semester credit hours of coursework in targeted areas and 65 clinical/fieldwork hours. Clinical/fieldwork hours are embedded in course assignments and are readily achievable by educators, whether or not they are currently employed in the schools. This program leads to a Reading Teacher Endorsement for those not seeking an additional degree.

In addition to the in College of Education admission requirements, candidates seeking coursework toward the Reading Teacher Endorsement must meet the following requirements:

1. A valid Illinois Professional Educator License with teaching endorsement.

2. Successful completion of the following program requirements.

Prerequisite: one 3 credit hour course in Reading (3)

Endorsement Requirements

Program: NOND-RDTE-E

Required courses (24)

RDLT-50400Technology in the Reading and Writing Program


RDLT-50900Child and Adolescent Literature


RDLT-52300Foundations and Methods of Teaching Reading Grades 4-12, Including the Content Areas


RDLT-52400Foundations and Methods of Teaching Reading Grades P-3


RDLT-52700Teaching Reading to the Diverse Learner


RDLT-53300Strategic Comprehension Instruction and Practicum for the Reading Teacher


RDLT-53400Teaching Writing in the Literacy Program


RDLT-53600Remediation of Reading Difficulties


RDLT-53800Assessment and Diagnosis of Reading Problems


65 Clinical/fieldwork hours which are embedded in required courses.

24 credit hours total are required for Reading Teacher Endorsement.

The following courses for dual Reading and ESL endorsement may be substituted for RDLT 52700 and RDLT 53800, respectively: RDLT 54200, RDLT 53900.

The design of the above program requires that an individual have at least three hours of previous coursework in reading. Anyone who does not have three hours of previous coursework can fulfill that deficiency through Lewis University. Program faculty can also assist candidates who seek coursework to fulfill a specific deficiency for endorsement in credit hours or subject areas identified by the State of Illinois.

State Assessment Requirements

At the conclusion of the program, candidates seeking a Reading Teacher Endorsement on a Professional Educator License must pass the Illinois Test for the Reading Teacher, or its State-approved equivalent.