Business Administration / Bachelor of Science to Master of Business Administration / 4+1 Program

Program: BS-BSAD-2

The Lewis University BS - MBA 4+1 program allows qualified College of Business majors to complete their undergraduate and graduate business degree programs in less time than would be possible without coordination. Students must have earned a GPA of at least 3.00 for all undergraduate coursework with no grade lower than a B- in the courses required for BS/MBA eligibility.

Students who intend to apply for admission to the Lewis University BS/MBA degree option program must submit a letter of intention to the Graduate School of Management prior to the graduation. Notification of receipt of the letter of intention will be sent within one week of its receipt in the Graduate School of Management.

Additionally, in order to qualify for the BS/MBA degree option program, students must take BSAD 42000 International Business and receive a grade of “B-” or higher. Accountancy majors do not need to take International Business; they will instead take ACCY 25000 Business Law I for Accountants and ACCY 25100 Business Law II for Accountants with a B- or better.

Degree Candidate Status:

Students may be admitted as degree candidates if they:

  1. Completed a Bachelor’s degree in a College of Business major.
  2. Completed an application to the Graduate School of Management. 
  3. Submitted a recommendation and met with an MBA advisor.
  4. Submitted a resume.

MBA Course Requirements:
To earn an MBA as a participant in the BS/MBA degree option program, students must complete the following MBA courses and maintain a GPA of at least 3.00 in these courses:

  1. Legal, Social, Ethical Foundations of Business (BSAD-60100) (Accountancy majors would take International Business (BSAD-61500) in place of LSE)
  2. Managerial Accounting (ACCT-55000) (3)
  3. Managerial Economics (ECON-55400) (3)
  4. Marketing Management (MKTG-56800) (3)
  5. Managerial Communication (BSAD-61100) (3)
  6. Managerial Finance (FINA-57200) (3)
  7. Strategic Management (BSAD-62000) (3)
  8. Three courses out of the Phase III Concentration courses the following concentration areas: Accountancy, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, International Business, Marketing, Technology and Operations Management, Healthcare Management, Project Management, or Information Security

See Baccalaureate-to-Masters Degree Program Guidelines for additional information.