Undergraduate Students Enrolling in Graduate Courses

Requirements for Undergraduate Students
Lewis University undergraduate students not enrolled in a Lewis 4+1 baccalaureate to master’s degree program may register for 50000 level graduate courses within the following requirements:
  • Lewis undergraduate degree-seeking students with 90+ earned credit hours (senior status) and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 may seek permission to register for one graduate course per semester, not to exceed a total of two 50000 level courses at Lewis.
  • Prerequisites for graduate courses are not waived.
  • Undergraduates enrolled in graduate courses may not exceed 18 total credits in a semester when they are enrolled in graduate coursework.
  • Should an undergraduate student earn less than a B (3.0) in a graduate level course, the student is not permitted to enroll in additional Lewis graduate courses until fully admitted to a Lewis graduate program.
  • Graduate credits earned at Lewis by undergraduate students may count toward the 128 credits required for a Lewis undergraduate degree.
  • Undergraduate students registered in graduate courses are required to fulfill the same course requirements and grading standards as graduate students.

Approval Process
Students must submit an approval form, with the following signatures:

Approvals required before a qualified undergraduate student may enroll in a graduate course include those from a) the student’s undergraduate academic advisor; b) the program director of the graduate program offering the course; and c) the dean of the college where the course was offered.

The signature of the Dean of Graduate, Professional, and Continuing Education is required to demonstrate notification and communication so that records of university-wide policy can be maintained.

The approval form is then submitted to the Registrar.

Any waiver of these requirements requires written approval from the dean of the college where the course is offered and the Dean of Graduate, Professional, and Continuing Education.