RDLT-51900 An Integrated Approach to Using Children's and Young Adult Literature

In today's rapidly diversifying schools, it becomes increasingly important for students to see themselves represented in the literacy curriculum. In light of this diversity and our changing world, issues of equity and social justice are particularly salient in education today. This course focuses on writing and the critical evaluation and use of literature and alternative texts for P-12 learners as part of a balanced literacy curriculum. A broad range of texts, covering a variety of formats, topics, levels, and issues will be explored. Candidates will learn how to evaluate and use texts for a number of purposes—to engage and motivate diverse learners, to address relevant and timely global issues, and as a writing resource. There will be a particular focus on critical literacy. Candidates will also learn how to organize for writing instruction and ways to teach writing both embedded in literature and as discrete activities, blending writing strategies, language skills, and genre structures.