School Nurse Program

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences Graduate Studies in Nursing offers a non-degree post-baccalaureate school nurse program. A baccalaureate or BSN from a state-approved and ACEN- or CCNE- accredited nursing program is required along with a current nursing license.

The school nurse non-degree program is designed to prepare Illinois Registered Nurses with a Bachelor's degree for the specialized role of a school nurse in pre-Kindergarten through Secondary schools in Illinois. School nursing is unique in that the preparation is both in nursing and in education. Endorsement and licensure for school nursing is through the Illinois State Board of Education in addition to licensure as a registered professional nurse through the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. The Illinois Board of Education requires taking and passing the Illinois State Board of Education Content area test in School Nursing (236) to receive the Professional Educator License with a School Nurse Endorsement.

Lewis students in our non-degree School Nurse program must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better in all graduate level courses in the program.

NOTE: School Nurse students must take and pass the Illinois state board of education content area test in school nursing (236) prior to entering the school nurse internship.

Total Credit Hours: 13


Required Courses (13)

SPED-55700Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities


SPED-51600Learning Theories and Schooling


RDLT-50700Literacy for Other School Personnel


NURS-56600Concepts of School Nurse Practice


NURS-56700School Nurse Internship