Curriculum and Instruction: English as a Second Language (ESL) / Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Candidates with a professional educator license who are seeking a Master's degree as well as adding the English as a Second Language and/or Bilingual Endorsement to their license must complete the following coursework. The ESL Endorsement is added tot eh teacher's current license. All coursework is aligned with the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) standards.

Candidates who seek a Bilingual Endorsement must take ENLE 52700 as an elective, as well as successfully complete the ISBE language assessment.

Up to 6 credit hours may be accepted for transfer from another institution with the approval of the candidate’s advisor.

Degree Offered:
Master of Education
Total credit Hours: 30 + Comprehensive Examination

Degree Requirements

Program: MED-ESLN-3

I. Required Courses (24)

ENLE-51000Foundations of Bilingual and English Language Learner Education


ENLE-51200Linguistics for Teachers of English Language Learners


ENLE-51400Assessment of Bilingual Students


EDLD-52200Ethical and Moral Foundations of Educational Leadership


ENLE-52600Curriculum and Instruction for English Language Learning


ENLE-54200Cross-Cultural Studies in Literacy and English Language Learning


EDLD-55700Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for School Improvement


RDLT-57500Practical Research for Learning Communities


II. Elective Options (6)

Choose six hours:

ENLE-52700Methods and Materials for Bilingual Education


RDLT-50900Child and Adolescent Literature


RDLT-52700Teaching Reading to the Diverse Learner


Three hours of coursework in a relevant area, approved by the academic advisor.

Comprehensive Examination Required

The following courses may be substituted:

RDLT 53900 for ENLE 51400

RDLT 52300, 52400, 52700, 53600, or 54400 for EDLD 52200 or EDLD 55700