College of Business

The College of Business offers a comprehensive undergraduate business curriculum that prepares students for business careers, as well as graduate studies. The College of Business offers eleven majors in Accounting, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing Economics, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Sport Management and Supply Chain Management.  The Vision Statement of the College of Business holds that we are: To develop graduates and support faculty who are collaborative and transformational business leaders within a global society, recognized for their engrained Lasallian principles and ethical business expertise.

College of Business majors can also double major or minor in other business disciplines.  Students from the College of Aviation, Science, and Technology; College of Education and Social Sciences; College of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Communication; and College of Nursing and Health Sciences students can minor in any business area.

The Mission Statement of the College of Business affirms that

We promise to provide our students an innovative learning environment, embedded in our Lasallian principles, that develops and supports their pursuit to become successful and ethical business leaders within a dynamic global society, in association with our collaborative and engaged faculty-practitioners who are committed to connecting effective business practices and scholarship in educating our students.

The mission statement applies equally to both the undergraduate programs in the College of Business and the graduate programs in the Graduate School of Management and directly supports the strategic plans, objectives, and goals of the University and the College.

All of our business programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

The College of Business is organized into departments. In the following sections of this catalog, the majors, minors, and joint degree program offered by the college are explained; requirements are specified; and course descriptions are provided.

Academic Policies

1) Grade Point Average Requirements:

College of Business students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00, as well as the specified minimum Business grade point average for each major/minor: Accounting (2.20); Business Administration (2.20); Business Analytics (2.20); Digital Marketing (2.20); Economics (2.20); Finance (2.20); International Business (2.20); Marketing (2.20); Organizational Leadership (2.00); Sport Management (2.00); and Supply Chain Management (2.20).

2) Proficiency Examinations:

Business experience or competencies may be recognized for college credit in place of coursework. The College of Business will certify business experience or competency only through a proficiency examination if it is determined that the student’s business experience or competency is comparable to coursework offered by the College of Business. A petition for a proficiency examination must be made during the student’s first or second semester at the University. A student may be granted proficiency examination credit in no more than two courses (6 credits).

3) Academic Honesty:

Students engaging in plagiarism, collusion or other forms of cheating or academic dishonesty are subject to a failing grade on the applicable quiz, examination, paper or project or a failing grade for the course. The penalty for an initial instance of plagiarism, collusion or other forms of cheating or academic dishonesty is determined by the instructor. A notation of the incident is placed on file.

Upon being informed of the instructor’s action, the student may appeal by submitting a letter with a detailed rationale for a lesser penalty to the department chair (or the dean if the instructor is also the department chair). The department chair (or the dean) will meet with the instructor to review the penalty imposed and the evidence supporting the charge of academic dishonesty and then respond in writing to the student’s appeal.

Upon being informed of the department chair’s determination of the appeal, the student may submit a letter of appeal to the dean, summarizing the action to date on the appeal and the student’s rationale for a lesser penalty. The dean will meet with the instructor to review the penalty imposed and the evidence supporting the charge of academic dishonesty and submit a recommendation in writing to the Provost, whose determination is final.

Students guilty of repeated instances of academic dishonesty are subject to expulsion from the University.

4) I (Incomplete) Grades:

Please see Incomplete Grade.

5) Pass/Fail Grading Option for Courses:

Students may take up to three credit hours under the Pass/Fail Grading Option in any academic term. A Pass/Fail Grading Application is not needed for a seminar that is graded exclusively on a pass/No credit basis. Completed Pass/Fail Grading Option Applications must be submitted by the student to the Office of the Registrar before the third Friday of the academic term. A Pass/Fail Grading Option Application is not complete until the student receives both the approval of the instructor and the permission of the dean

The Pass/Fail Grading Option is not available in any course required for a student’s major or for any course specified for a student’s General Education minor requirements.

Under the Pass/Fail Grading Option:

  • A student is responsible for attending and participating in all scheduled class activities and for completing all course requirements, including quizzes and examinations.
  • The instructor evaluates the student in the same manner as those students not taking the course under the Pass/Fail Grading Option; at the end of the course, instead of a standard letter grade, a “P” will be submitted for those students who have achieved a performance level of poor through excellent (“D” through “A”).
  • A “P” grade does not affect a student’s grade point average, but an “F” grade does.

6) Class Attendance:

Students are expected to attend all classes as part of the normal learning process. In addition, students must be especially consistent in attendance during the first 10 class days of the semester to confirm registration and to be listed on the official course roster. Students who fail to follow this procedure and who have not received prior approval from the instructor for absences will be officially dropped from the courses in question by certification of the instructor on the official class lists. This, however, does not release the student from the financial obligation with respect to the course.

Instructors may publish specific, additional standards of attendance for their classes in the course syllabus. Students may receive failing grades if they do not observe attendance requirements.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission also requires attendance as a “demonstration of academic progress toward a degree.”

7) Accreditation Assessment Exam:

All College of Business students are required to complete the Accreditation Assessment Exam as a requirement for graduation. The B.A. Organizational Leadership, B.A. Sport Management, and B.S. Supply Chain Management are exempt from this accreditation assessment requirement.

8) Business Ethics:

All College of Business students are required to fulfill their Mission-based Actions and Values General Education Requirement by successfully completing one of the specially designated sections of Ethics (PHIL 33000) for Business Majors.

9) Coursework Away from Lewis University:

Once students have matriculated at Lewis University they may take courses at other colleges and universities to transfer back to Lewis only with the prior written approval of the dean of the college. Only grades of “C” or higher will transfer. In any case, the last 32 hours of credit applied toward graduation, including at least four upper-division courses in the major and two upper-division courses in the minor, must be taken at Lewis University. A maximum of 72 total semester hours of community college credits will be accepted for transfer. Once students have matriculated at Lewis University, courses required for the Business Core, Business Major or Business Minor must be taken at Lewis University.

Academic Programs

1) Internships:

The College of Business Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to earn academic credit for learning advanced business skills on the job. Internships are available to qualified College of Business majors every semester, including summer, in every major.

College of Business Internships are variable credit hour internships. The internship must be arranged during the semester prior to enrollment and must be approved by the College of Business prior to enrollment. Student must register by the registration deadline for the term in which the internship will be completed.

For additional information please call the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or


2) Seminars:

Seminars are graded on a Pass/Fail or letter grade basis.

Current seminar offerings can be found in the online schedule at 


3) Study Abroad Program:

Let the world be your classroom! Lewis University, in association with the Lasallian International Programs Consortium, offers a range of opportunities and locations around the globe. Students may study abroad for a semester, summer, or in short-term Travel Study programs while taking courses applicable to their major, minor, General Education, language, or elective requirements. Some programs also offer internships.

Studying abroad provides unique opportunities to learn about diverse issues and global topics by going beyond the classroom and experiencing them first-hand. While earning Lewis credit, meeting new people from around the world, observing different business practices, and learning about new cultures, students will be able to look at their own country and culture with new insight as well. Study abroad students not only gain valuable knowledge that they can use to further their personal and professional lives, but also become more responsible citizens of the world by having a better understanding of the diverse yet interconnected global community.

Travel Study

Lewis faculty members periodically organize university-approved educational programs to provide students the opportunity to travel and learn in different parts of the world. Sponsoring faculty offer courses or seminars that meet prior to departure, during the trip, and after returning to campus. The program travel, typically lasting 10-14 days, includes visits to relevant places, such as universities, historic sites, government agencies, businesses, museums, and organizations.

Semester and Summer Programs

Students may attend college in another country for a semester at one of Lewis’ partner institutions, earning credits at Lewis toward major, minor, General Education, or elective requirements. Before leaving for the host institution, students participate in orientation programs and register at Lewis. International opportunities include:

For additional information, please refer to the Study Abroad website at, or call the Study Abroad office at 815-836-5993,


Basic eligibility for Lewis Study Abroad programs includes a minimum of a 3.0 GPA (2.75 for Travel Study programs) and sophomore, junior, or first-semester senior status at the time of participation. Most programs do not have language prerequisite and offer their courses in English. Early planning is critical to a successful study abroad experience so that all graduation requirements can be fulfilled prior to graduation date. Fees and costs are reasonably close to those of Lewis University, and financial aid may be applied in most cases. Applications and information are available on the Study Abroad website (

4) Student Organizations:

Accounting Club

 The Accounting Club is a pre-professional student organization for accounting majors and those interested in the field of Accounting. The Club provides opportunities for student members to network, participate in various social and career development events and meet other students with similar professional objectives. In addition, student members are invited to learn more about accounting internship opportunities, attend keynote speaking events and engage with professionals in the field to learn about real-world perspectives and mentorship. For additional information please contact the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The AMA Lewis Chapter is open to all majors. The AMA’s mission includes helping students learn more about the business world through sponsorship of corporate visits, guest speakers, timely publications and the development of relationships between campus peers and career professionals.

The AMA is a strategic resource for career growth and development. It offers students the opportunity to:

  1. Meet new people.
  2. Network with marketing professionals.
  3. Attend a wide variety of professional events.

For additional information please contact the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business at universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement through research and practice; to promote affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Each spring, our Fraternity awards the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to the graduating student with the highest cumulative academic average toward a degree in business administration or economics. The Scholarship Key is awarded to the highest honors student, regardless of membership in Delta Sigma Pi. For additional information please contact the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or

Dean’s Executive Club

The College of Business Dean’s Scholars Executive Club program selectively invites accepted new full-time undergraduate students, who meets the eligibility requirements, and elects to enroll in one of the eleven undergraduate business majors, to participate in this competitively awarded experience. Program participants are afforded special events to attend that are personalized to their interests as well as the opportunity to become engaged leaders within our campus community. All named Executive Club students, in good standing, will receive direct access and professional career and academic advising from within the Dean’s office in the College of Business.

The program features:
• Semester visits, arranged by the Dean, to select business venues throughout the greater Chicago region.
• Participation in a service trip with the Dean or another faculty member.
• Invitation to special job recruiting events and a reference letter from the dean for those completing the program with a 3.5 GPA or better.
• Automatic acceptance into any of the Graduate School of Management degree program for those with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better at the end of their junior year – allowing accepted students to complete their BS and preferred graduate degree in business in 5 years.

Additional benefits: 
• Mentorship opportunities available with senior leaders of business through the Lowell Stahl Center for Entrepreneurship & Real Estate.
• Priority access to premier internship opportunities – regionally, nationally and internationally.
• Participation in a monthly luncheon, hosted by the Dean, with distinguished faculty covering current business topics.

Program Eligibility
Selected Dean’s Scholars must meet the following requirements:
Incoming freshmen
• ACT Composite 26 or higher
• High School GPA of 3.5/4.0 or higher
• Demonstration of strong leadership during their high school career
Transfer Students (with 64 credits accepted)
• Transfer GPA of 3.5/4.0 or higher
• May or may not have participated in a similar honors program or group at previous institution


Economic and Finance Investment Club
Build friendships and hone your investing skills at Lewis University's Student Investment Club. Founded in 2006, the Student Investment Club enables membership to manage a portion of the University's endowment fund. For additional information please contact the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or

Enactus is the largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators across 1,800 Universities globally in 35 countries. A network of global business, academic and student leaders unified by a vision to create a better, more sustainable world, the organization also provides a platform for NextGen Leaders to develop leadership skills while working with leading companies worldwide.  The Lewis chapter of ENACTUS is a student-led organization that engages students to use entrepreneurship and innovation to improve the world. ENACTUS emphasizes experiential learning, which catalyzes the personal growth and professional development of our members through the creation of real-world projects that improve our communities and the world. For additional information please contact the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or

Human Resources Club

Lewis University's Human Resources (HR) club supports Human Resource Management majors and all business majors looking to further develop skills and knowledge around recruiting, training and development, compensation and benefits, and employee / employer relationships.  Club meetings are held monthly, with club members given the opportunity to engage with senior level HR practitioners to better understand different HR related career paths and develop connections with potential mentors.  Past club speakers have included the Chief HR Officer of a Fortune 500 company, a Global HR Director, and an AVP of Talent Acquisition and Training. During the club meetings, students have the opportunity to interact with these business leaders in an informal environment, with encouragement to continue to build these business relationships outside of the club meeting events.   For additional information please contact the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or

National Leadership Club

Lewis University is pleased to have a chapter of NSLS (The National Society of Leadership and Success) on campus. Student across all colleges and majors meeting the needed criteria are invited to join. NSLS is the nation’s largest leadership honor society and offers students a path toward  leadership  development, information about effective communication styles, networking and collaboration tools and foundational learning about effective  leadership . More information can be found at  or please contact the College of Business at 815.836.5348 or