Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering Program

The Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering Program (Pre-ECE) is a major designation for students who wish to pursue the Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Engineering degrees at Lewis but currently do not meet the admission requirements, namely:

Freshman admission requirements:

  • Calculus 1-readiness
  • ACT Math subscore of 25 or SAT Math subscore of 610

Transfer admission requirements:

  • Calculus 1-readinesss
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

Calculus 1-readiness is defined as meeting all prerequisites for enrolling in MATH 20900 Calculus 1. The student may request to change their major designation to Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering as soon as they have attained the transfer admission requirements even if they have not completed all courses listed as pre-ECE core courses. To ensure that courses taken during the pre-ECE designation are counted towards the eventual Electrical or Computer Engineering degree requirements, students can complete general education and engineering foundation courses listed under the Electrical or Computer engineering program requirements. To change the major designation from “pre-ECE” to B.S. Electrical Engineering or B.S. Computer Engineering, the student should complete the Change of Program form and submit it to their adviser or to

Program Requirements

Program: BS-PECE-1

I. Core Courses (10)

ECEN-10000Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering


ENGL-11100College Writing 1