Applied Sociology and Political Science

The Applied Sociology and Political Science program, housed in the Departments of Sociology and Political Science and Public Administration, prepares individuals for the contemporary work environment by developing their critical thinking skills and providing a greater understanding of our diverse communities. This interdisciplinary degree presents the various political and social issues affecting the workplace and our communities. The courses examine individual behavior and group dynamics, particularly ways of dealing with conflict, creating opportunities for cooperation, and understanding the diversity of individual beliefs, values, and attitudes. In addition to teaching students to work collaboratively, this degree will enhance students’ verbal and written communication skills and analytical abilities. In order to achieve these outcomes, the Applied Sociology and Political Science program utilizes a variety of educational methods, including information sessions, case study analyses, collaborative learning activities, and independent and team research opportunities. This major is intended for students 24 years old and older. Prospective students should apply for this program through the School for Professional and Continuing Education.