Art and Design Majors


The Department of Art and Design is dedicated to assisting students in developing visual communication skills. Principles, concepts and methodologies of art and design are studied. The student may choose from five majors: Computer Graphic Design, Drawing, General Studio Art, Illustration, and Painting. Students interested in double majoring within the department must have the recommendation of two full-time faculty members from the Department of Art and Design.

The program is designed to aid the student in discovering how to see and create visual expressions. The student is encouraged to inquire into and develop his or her creative processes. In order to assist students in effectively analyzing their artwork, objective form is presented as an integral component of content. Art and design lecture courses introduce the student to the language of art so that he or she can more effectively communicate about art and design.

Students pursuing a profession in art will acquire a foundation upon which many careers in the field of art and design depend.