History Bachelor of Arts

Total Credit Hours: 128

Major Credit Hours: 36

History majors must select History electives from courses numbered 200 and above. No 100-level History courses, except for Culture and Civilization I and II (09-101 and 09-102), may count toward the 36 credit hours required by the major.

Degree Requirements

I. Core Courses (12)

09-101Culture and Civilization I


09-102Culture and Civilization II


Choose one of the following History of the United States (3)

09-320United States Colonial and National History


09-322U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction


09-323The Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1941


09-325United States Since 1941


Historiography (3) both courses required:

09-203Historiography I: Sophomore Writing Seminar


09-403Historiography II: Senior Research Seminar


II. Select appropriate courses in each of the following areas: (12)

United States History (3) European History (3) Outside the European and United States Experience (6)

III. Four Department of History course electives (12)

(Please note: Up to 3 credits in one-hour workshops / courses may be taken.)

IV. The Senior Capstone.

The History major is required to complete the senior capstone. This non-course requirement consists of one researched essay, which will be orally defended by the student in a meeting with the Department of History faculty. The senior capstone must be successfully completed if the Department of History is to endorse the student in continuing graduate studies or teaching the subject at the secondary school level.

V. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum is satisfied by History majors through the successful completion of the Historiography sequence (09-203 and 09-403).