LE - Business Admininstration ITM Management

LE-195 The American Economy

This course covers basic macroeconomic principles that affect everyone's economic life, the concepts of an economic theory, specialization, supply and demand, functions of government, types of taxation, the role of the Federal Reserve Bank, monetary and fiscal policy and the banking system.


LE-200 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics

Basic principles of people's behavior in producing, consuming, and exchanging goods and services; supply and demand; business and consumer economics behavior; government's role in economic behavior; and gross national product.


LE-201 Basic Microeconomics

Theory of consumer demand; business costs; market structures; elasticity; labor structures; government regulation; international economics; and poverty economics.


LE-330 Government and Business

Anti-trust laws and their relation to the Federal Trade, Federal Power, and Federal Aviation Commissions; the anti-trust division of the Justice Department; and changing attitude of the courts and the effect or regulation of business activity.