LL - Organizational Leadership

LL-300 Introduction to the Applied Social Sciences

This course examines the history of Social Sciences, their evolution and the forces acting upon the social world to cause change. Primary theorists and how their work has influenced modern practice will be explored. Case studies will be utilized to focus on the application of Social Science to Leadership Theory. Key concepts from Social Psychology will be explored in the development of organization development in the workplace.


LL-320 Life, Career and the Emerging Workplace

This course engages students in the exploration of their self-perception and the ways in which they are perceived by others, especially in the workplace. Building on this foundation, the course continues to consider both the development of personal goals and objectives, as well as the concept of working with others to establish professional direction and offering consistent feedback for positive change. Students will develop the themes that are Leadership and Management


LL-330 Social Theory

This course develops students' understanding of the role of the Applied Social Sciences. Considering the wide phenomenon of transition beyond classical social systems, this course proceeds to focus on the development of participative systems. Students will read essential primary authors in this course, and engage the perspective of many of the national and global movements for human rights and democratization. Throughout the course, implications for the workplace will be considered.


LL-340 Organizational Development

Students will consider the notion of leader as a "change agent" and how this notion is applied to transition from a focus on progress to one of "sustainability" in organizational life. Reviewing the emergence of this movement, its concerns and directions, this course will also offer students the opportunity to consider their abilities and challenges as leaders for sustainable change.


LL-360 Leadership and Organizational Change

Central to this course are considerations of how change occurs in organizations and how leaders facilitate positive change. It includes a review of the literature and theory of organizational change as well as the role of the organizational leaders in change processes. Special attention will focus on the primary drivers and restraints of organizational change, the relationship among these factors, and behaviors associated with leadership is each aspect.


LL-400 Learning in Organization Studies

This course focuses on organizational epistemology. After considering the movement from manufacturing goods and services to management of knowledge, this course will present to students key ideas in organizational learning and develop concrete skills in students to facilitate the process of learning in the organizational context.


LL-430 Organizational Text and Discourse

This course explores the connection between leadership and language. Students will focus on developing skills in reading and writing in the language of their organization, as well as developing their skills in leading organizational discourse. At the end of this course, students will develop a written development plan to enhance their skills in managing organizational text and discourse.


LL-440 Organizational Research Analysis

This course will develop students' ability to understand the role of research in organizational alignment. Students will demonstrate the ability to read and interpret the data resulting from research, discern the general quality of such research, assist organizations in making a good-fit in research tools, and shape organizational behaviors which respond to data.


LL-450 Internship

Students undertake an intensive analysis of a specific issue or problem area related to leadership. Students develop the proposal which includes a focused topic of inquiry, a review of the literature, and a statement of the chosen mode of organizational intervention. Students discuss results and future options for organizational learning. The internship is designed to provide students with a forum to integrate their undergraduate studies for workplace change.



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