Aviation Air Traffic Control

From the Federal Aviation Administration webpage:

"The FAA Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program is designed to establish partnerships with higher educational institutions to broaden the employment opportunities in the aviation industry, including air traffic controllers. . . .

"The FAA has agreements with 36 institutions across the country that have included curriculum that we consider the fundamentals of aviation within their degree programs. The fundamentals include basic information such as aircraft characteristics, weather; airspace; teamwork in aviation, navigation including charts, and search and rescue just to name a few. The degree programs contain much more aviation related material than we require.

"Each school submits degrees to be part of the program. Currently the 36 institutions offer 15 different Associate's, 37 Bachelor's, and 3 Master's degree programs. A complete list can be found at AT-CTI Schools.

"In addition to successful completion of your degree, there are other requirements that you should consider before committing yourself. In order to be considered, you:

  • MUST be United States citizens and, if required, registered for the selective service.
  • Receive an official school recommendation. Each school determines the criteria for recommendation to the FAA, which could include grade point average, attendance, and/or a Capstone project or test.
  • In most cases, not have reached age 31 prior to appointment (offered a job as an air traffic controller).
    Pass a rigorous medical examination.
  • Successfully pass both a background and a security investigation.
  • Achieve a score of at least 70 on the FAA pre-employment test (ATSAT).
  • Speak English clearly enough for others to understand you on communications equipment.
  • Successfully complete an interview to determine whether the candidate possesses the personal characteristics necessary for the performance of air traffic control work and that the candidate is able to speak English clearly enough to be understood over radios, intercoms, and similar communications equipment.

"Provided you meet all the requirements above, you will be allowed to apply for a job as an air traffic controller under the 'CTI Announcement.'  Selection for a job as an air traffic controller is dependent on your application and resume, experience, where you are willing to work and your ATSAT score. Once you have been selected and have received a Firm Offer Letter, you will be scheduled to begin your training at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City to become an air traffic controller."

Only the Bachelor of Science degree or the Associate degree qualifies a Lewis graduate for the CTI announcement, as approved by the FAA.  The minor provides more exposure to ATC operations without leading, by itself, to the CTI job application.  For information that pertains to all Aviation students, see Aviation Majors.