Aviation Bachelor of Science to Master of Science in Aviation and Transportation Fast Track

The Aviation and Transportation Studies Department offers a Bachelor’s to Master’s Fast Track option for Lewis University undergraduate Aviation majors.  All qualified Aviation majors may take advantage of this Fast Track option. The Fast Track option allows qualified undergraduates to complete the graduate MSAT (Master of Science in Aviation and Transportation) in less time than would be possible if the two programs were taken separately. Nine graduate hours may be used both to complete the Bachelor’s degree (128 hours) and to satisfy specific course requirements for the Master’s program. The total number of required graduate credits (36) will remain the same. Students apply for admission to the Fast Track option by submitting both the department application form and the Block Tuition Exemption form to the Program Director of the MSAT when they reach senior status (complete 90 credits) and have achieved an overall GPA of 3.0. Qualified students approved for the Fast Track option may apply financial aid to graduate courses and are exempt from the 18-hour block in the semesters when they take these select graduate courses. With planning, the MSAT could be awarded within one year of graduating with the Bachelor’s degree. Students who take 9 credit hours of selected graduate courses in Aviation and Transportation in their senior year and earn a grade of “B” or better in each of those courses will have to complete only 27 more credit hours to earn the MSAT: 15 credit hours of core graduate courses, 9 credit hours of graduate electives, and 3 credit hours of capstone experience. Students accepted into this Fast Track option are required to apply for admission to the MSAT.

Listed below are graduate courses in the MSAT program which students enrolled in the Fast Track option may take during their senior year. Listed next to each is the undergraduate course for which it substitutes. A student in this Fast Track option may apply no more than three of these courses toward his or her undergraduate Bachelor of Science major in Aviation and Transportation Studies:

47-500 Overview of the A/T Industry substitutes for 47-353 Air Transportation

47-510 Planning Strategically for A/T Projects substitutes for 47-402 Fiscal Aspects of Aviation

47-520 Human Factors and Safety Management substitutes for 47-373 Aviation Safety

47-530 Regulation of the A/T Industry substitutes for 47-321 Aviation Legislation

47-540 Quality Management Systems for A/T Safety substitutes for 61-380 Supervisory Management

47-560 HRM, Labor Relations, and Ethical Issues in A/T Industry substitutes for 47-430 Labor Relations

47-570 Topics in Aviation and Transportation substitutes for 47-450 Aviation Issues and Trends