Theology Concentration Theological Studies Bachelor of Arts

Total Credit Hours: 128

Major Credit Hours: 36


The Theological Studies Concentration provides the student with a broad view of the most important facets of Theology and at the same time provides the student with the opportunity to pursue courses of personal interest to the student.  A research project is completed under the guidance of a mentor.  Foundation and advanced courses in Theology examine both historical and contemporary points of view.  Scripture, the development of the Christian perspective, the meaning of Church, the function of sacraments, and liturgical practice, among other timely topics are treated.

Degree Requirements

I. Core Courses (18)

19-100The Search for Faith



19-106Introduction to Christian Theology


19-225The New Testament


19-223The Old Testament


19-310Christian Action and Values


19-316A History of Christian Thought


19-431Research in Theology


II. Elective Courses (18)

Eighteen additional credit hours are required for the major, 9 of which must be advanced courses (300-level or above) other than those listed as core requirements.

III. Majors are required to maintain a C+ average in their Theology courses.

IV. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum is satisfied for Theology majors by the successful completion of 19-431 Research in Theology.