17-100 Elementary Laboratory Physics

This course provides an introduction to mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism and light. This is a hands-on, laboratory/activity-based course.  Laboratory fee applies.


17-106 Topics in Physical Science

Offering physical science for students in the humanities, social sciences, or communication arts, this course communicates some of the findings of classical and modern physical science.


17-110 Weather and Climate

Students are introduced to physical principles and their application to students' everyday experience with weather.


17-120 Integrated Science I

This course is designed for students requiring a general science class that integrates physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science.  This is the first semester of a two-semester sequence.  Topics covered include the practice of science, measurement, motion, heat, energy, wave motions, atomic structure, chemical reactions, water and the solar system.  Emphasis is placed on the integration of these concepts across the physical, chemical and biological disciplines.  Lecture students must also concurrently enroll in 17-121, a weekly lab that reinforces concepts reviewed in the lecture section.



17-121 Integrated Science I Lab

This course is the laboratory companion to 17-120 Integrated Science I. This course must be taken concurrently with 17-120. Laboratory fee applies.




17-140 Fundamentals of Space Science

The purpose of this course is to provide secondary education teachers with an introductory overview of the solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. The formation, evolution, and properties of each are discussed.


17-155 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering (IIT)

Illinois Institute of Technology courses in this category introduce the major to the basic concepts significant to the study of aerospace engineering.  Courses include MMAE 100 Introduction to the Profession (4);  MMAE 200 Introduction to Mechanics (4);   MS 201 Materials Science (3).



As appropriate.