46-410 Gas Turbine Powerplants

This course provides a study of the history of jet engines, turbojet and turboprop engine components and systems, gas turbine troubleshooting and trimming. 150 contact hours (60 lecture/90 lab). Meets requirements of 14 CFR 147.


46-420 Aircraft Propellers

The theory and operation of propellers and governors, as well as overhaul and servicing of fixed-pitch, ground-adjustable, controllable and turboprop propellers are studied. 120 contact hours (60 lecture/60 lab). Meets requirements of 14 CFR 147.


46-430 Aircraft Inspection and Engine Testing

This course reviews types of inspections, use of inspection forms, log book entries, use of FAA publications, shop management responsibilities, engine operating procedures, troubleshooting, symptoms and diagnoses and engine instrumentation. 180 contact hours (60 lecture/120 lab). Meets requirements of 14 CFR 147.



46-310 and 46-330.

46-470 Helicopter Maintenance and Theory

Students learn about the design, operation and maintenance of small to medium size helicopters. Part of the is spent on actual overhaul of light helicopters. 60 contact hours (60 combined lecture/lab).



Consent of instructor.

46-498 Aviation Internship

Students are placed in various aviation-related positions, arranged with an advisor, to provide them with on-the-job experience. A minimum of 120 contact hours required.



Junior standing and consent of faculty internship coordinator.

46-499 Independent Study

This course is designed to meet the needs of aviation majors by allowing them to study an advanced topic not found in regular courses.



Consent of department chairperson. To qualify for an Independent Study, a student must have successfully completed 60 credit hours, at least 12 of which were earned at Lewis, and have earned at Lewis University a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.