LC - General Education

LC-100 Principles of Sociology

This course provides an explanation of the general principles of Sociology, including social organization, culture, socialization processes, primary and secondary groups, social stratification, collective behavior and social deviance. Basic principles are applied to family, intergroup relations, business and politics.


LC-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations

Students examine information on U.S. racial, ethnic and religious groups, including analysis of class, age and gender inequality. Topics include the history and minority experience of U.S. groups, current status and contributions of these groups, and strategies for reducing intolerance and improving intergroup relationships.



20-100 or 26-100 or 18-200.

LC-345 Sociology of Delinquent Behavior

Special problems of delinquency in America are studied in relation to theories of juvenile delinquency, empirical studies, analysis of the juvenile justice system and evaluation of juvenile treatment alternatives.


LC-350 Sociology of Criminal Behavior

Criminal patterns of behavior are studied, as well as theories of crime causation. Differences in approaches toward criminals, preventive programs as possible solutions to crime and social problems leading to unrest and disruption are also evaluated.