LY - General Education

LY-110 Introduction to Philosophy

This course provides a study of the nature of philosophy, its methods, various branches and general historical development. Introductions to logic and to the fundamental issues and theories concerning reality, knowledge and value are also presented.


LY-310 Philosophy of Law

Students examine theories regarding the foundation of law and the distinction and relation between law and ethical norms. Competing theories of liberty, justice, responsibility and punishment are analyzed and compared to pertinent Supreme Court decisions.



LY-110, Introduction to Philosophy or the consent of the instructor.

LY-330 Ethics

The nature of virtue and the good life is studied in conjunction with such issues as ethical absolutism versus ethical relativism, the relation between morality and legality and the relation between ethics and religion. This course fulfills the General Education Action and Values requirement.


LY-333 Topics in Applied Ethics

Selected courses apply the concepts and theories of ethics to specific areas of human life, such as healthcare, business, society, the natural environment, and scientific research. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply ethical concepts and theories to practical and relevant professional issues.
  • Identify and develop their own ethical viewpoints within their profession.
  • Make decision in professional settings according to ethical principles.


15-330 or any Theology Action and Values course.