Academic Resources

The Library

The Lewis University Library is an important intellectual center on campus. In addition to books and periodicals, the library houses a curriculum collection, a government depository, materials in microfilm, micro reader/printers, copy machines and a full array of indices and abstracting services.

Information related to Library services and hours can be found at

Heart Pacemaker Wearers

Heart pacemaker wearers should be aware that an electronic theft detection system is in use at the main entrance of the library and at the elevator. The system is not believed to pose any problem to pacemaker wearers.

Cellular Phones

The use of cellular phones is strongly discouraged in the library due to the disruptive nature of the ringing and talking.

Academic Computing Facilities

Lewis University is committed to providing learners with access to modern educational technology. The Lewis University Instructional Technology Services Organization (ITSO) provides technology support services for the campus community. Supported technologies include computer labs, networks, Internet access, e-mail, classroom media and distributed learning resources.

All students are entitled to a campus e-mail address that can be accessed via a POP3 connection or a Web-enabled interface.

Staffed computer labs, available in all major classroom buildings, provide access to a host of campus resources including software applications, Web support for classes, library materials and Internet searching. In addition to general purpose computer labs, specialized computer labs are available for digital music, journalism, writing, graphic arts, computer science and tutoring. Computer labs are also located at the Chicago, Hickory Hills, Oak Brook, Shorewood, and Tinley Park locations.

The Center for Academic Technology Solutions provides instruction and support for faculty and students for a variety of software applications, mobile devices and multi-media projects.

Campus Media

The purpose of campus media at Lewis University is to provide students with a practical learning environment for students to develop the skills, knowledge, editorial judgment and leadership abilities to pursue a media career after graduation. Opportunities include: The Flyer and Online Flyer , official student publications of Lewis University, WLRA Radio Station and the Lewis University Television Network. Additional information can be found at and

Academic Support Workshops for Adult Students

Academic support workshops are offered at no cost to currently enrolled adult students (i.e., 24 years of age or older) in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. New and continuing adult students have the opportunity to receive specialized instruction in math, writing, and reading that is relevant to the courses associated with their program of study. Workshops are also offered on study skills, ways to navigate technology such as Blackboard, and resources available through the Library. These workshops are offered in a non-credit format and are available at times appropriate for adult student schedules. Additional resource information may be available on Blackboard. Contact the School for Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) or the Leckrone Academic Resource Center (LARC) for further information.

Leckrone Academic Resource Center (LARC)

The Leckrone Academic Resource Center is a multipurpose student service center designed to assist students with overall academic and career development. Academic, career, and tutorial services are provided. Detailed information about services offered can be found at

Tutorial Services

Tutorial Services encourage Lewis students to establish relationships for the benefit of learning. Students may utilize Tutorial Services as clients seeking support in areas of academic struggle, or as tutors hoping to guide their fellow classmates. Tutoring is available to all academic majors at Lewis. The Math Lab has been created to aid those students who find math to be a subject of particular difficulty. Further information can be found at

Music Programs

Various activities are sponsored by the Department of Music. Student groups provide entertainment both at regularly scheduled performances and at special University functions throughout the year. Further information can be found at


The Department of Theatre presents plays and musicals in the Philip Lynch Theatre, a 250-seat thrust theatre. A season of at least five major productions, directed by department faculty or guest directors, is presented each year. Student-directed shows and professional touring companies are also part of the University’s Arts & Ideas program of community educational and cultural events.

Auditions for all Philip Lynch Theatre productions are open to all Lewis faculty, staff and students, full- and part-time, regardless of their major. Participation in productions or coursework, and training in acting, directing, stagecraft and design prepares students for careers in theatre, teaching or continued study at the graduate level. Further information can be found at

University Testing Center

The School for Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) operates a Testing Center to serve the University community and college-bound students in the Chicagoland area. Testing services will include professional fields which require national licensure and certification testing, whether paper-based or computerized. Scheduling depends upon program/group needs rather than requests from individuals for special test times. The Center is not used for proctoring examinations for University classes.

Contact SPCE at (815) 836-5570 for further information. SPCE is a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) which provides standards and guidelines for post-secondary test centers.