Credit By College Level Examination Program (C.L.E.P.)

College of Arts and Sciences

The College Level Examination Program (C.L.E.P.) is a national standardized testing program that can be taken by students who believe that they have academic strength in area examinations. C.L.E.P. tests are administered at testing centers around the country. Access testing for information. Three hours of credit in each area will be granted to students who score in the designated percentile or above in the General and Subject Examinations. General examinations are given in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities. General Examinations must be taken during or prior to completing one full semester of college education. Subjects Examinations may be taken any time during the student’s collegiate career. A student may, at the discretion of the Director of Foreign Languages, earn additional credits for scoring considerably above the national average in Spanish, German, or French. Grades and Quality Points are not given for C.L.E.P. credits. General and Subject Examinations are listed in the table on the previous page.

College of Business

The College of Business does not grant credit for the C.L.E.P. Examination for business-related courses. Students who want to take other C.L.E.P. Examinations should follow the procedure of the College of Arts and Sciences.

College of Nursing and Health Professions

  1. Students who want credit for successful performance in specific general education courses via C.L.E.P. Examinations should contact the College of Arts and Sciences. Inquiries may also be made through the Leckrone Academic Resource Center.
  2. RN/BSN students may receive elective credit through successful completion of Excelsior Nursing Challenge Exams. RN students holding current certifications in certain specialty areas may also receive elective credit.