ENGL-37600 World/Ethnic Film

This course explores the ways in which film exposes varied and complex ideas of national identity, and it acquaints students with some of the major works, movements, and directors in international and ethnic American cinemas. Students will discuss the influences, aesthetics, and political motivations of key filmmakers. Students must attend scheduled screening sessions outside of weekly class hours. Topics vary.

Topics relating specifically to a variety of Spanish-speaking cultures include: Latin America Cinema (major films produced by the national cinemas of Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, etc.); The Spanish-Language Filmmakers (major films produced by important filmmakers of Spanish-speaking countries, such as Aldomovar, Cuaron, Amigo, Cornejo, Vazquez, del Toro, Buñuel); and The National Cinema of Spain (a study of the history of Spanish cinema).




ENGL 11200


May be taken concurrently with ENGL 27000