Nursing RN / BSN Track / Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Program: BSN-NRRN-5

Total Credit Hours: 128

Major Credit Hours: 26

The RN/BSN track is designed to meet the unique needs of the professional nurse licensed to practice who, having graduated from an approved IDPFR diploma school of nursing, associate degree nursing program, or foreign-based program, seeks to earn a bachelor of science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

Lewis articulates with ACEN associate degree nursing programs. RN/BSN students are awarded 12 semester hours of credit on the basis of demonstrating fulfillment of basic nursing competencies measured through passing the NCLEX exam and receiving licensure as a professional nurse in the state of Illinois. These hours are held in escrow until the student successfully completes NURS 43200, Promoting Healthy Communities. Credit for six clinical nursing courses may be awarded via challenge exam if additional college elective credit is needed for graduation. National accredited professional nursing certification may also be accepted in lieu of challenge exams.

Program Admission Requirements:

  • State licensure
  • Graduate of state approved nursing program
  • GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)


Non-Nursing Support Courses: 12

General Education Courses: 45

Electives: 33

Credit for Licensure: 12

Nursing Courses: 26

Required Nursing Courses:

Junior Level (13)

NURS-30100Evidence Based Practice


NURS-30600Concepts of Professional Nursing


NURS-31200Health Assessment/Health Promotion


NURS-34000Pharmacotherapeutics for the Registered Nurse


Senior Level (13)

NURS-40200Professional Development and Leadership


NURS-41400Healthcare Informatics


NURS-43200Promoting Healthy Communities


NURS-43510Leadership Practicum


Note: NURS 40200 fulfills the Globalization requirement; NURS 43200 fulfills the Civic Engagement requirement.