50-524 Foundations of Teaching Reading and Language Arts for P-3

Candidates focus on developmentally appropriate instructional methods and materials for promoting and teaching reading and literacy in diverse and inclusive early childhood settings. Recent research, philosophical, and theoretical views and issues related to emergent literacy, and quality children’s literature are explored. Scientific research-based comprehensive early reading instruction will emphasize the foundations of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension strategies. Developmental stages of learning to read and write, interactive teaching strategies, and instructional materials, methods, and assessments will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the knowledge base needed to assist beginning teachers in making data driven decisions regarding their objectives and practices. Updated information on current trends, technology, research, Illinois State Early Childhood Standards, and common core standards will also be emphasized. Classroom reading interventions in accordance with Response to Intervention (RTI) and practice for students at risk of reading failure will be highlighted. The needs of all children including those with high proficiency, those with special needs based on exceptionalities and/or diversity of language or culture will be embedded throughout the course experiences. Current multi-cultural children’s literature will be used in simulated classroom teaching experiences. Field based experiences will provide opportunities for candidates to connect teaching theory with classroom practice. Candidates will be evaluated on their ability to successfully plan and implement strategies taught in this course.