65-520 Fundamentals of the Business Enterprise

Includes the following components: Accounting and Budgeting for Managers. This workshop will provide concepts, techniques and tools for making fiscally sound decisions pay off on the job and on the bottom line. Get a firm grasp of the numbers side of your job and gain greater confidence with a working knowledge of the numbers end of the business. Take the guesswork out of your decision making and deliver better bottom-line results. This program is designed for non-financial managers in every functional area of responsibility, in all industry types, in both the public and private sectors. Finance for Managers. This two-day workshop component will help participants increase their understanding of revenue or expense budgets and financial statements and build an appreciation for the financial impact of their business decisions. Topics include how to identify the factors influencing a company’s cash flow and profitability and describing key financial and accounting terms and principles. Marketing Fundamentals. This workshop considers the "Four Ps" of the marketing mix (product, place, promotion and price) as well as strategies that guide their use. Students are introduced to the case study method as a means of applying and reinforcing marketing principles.