Withdrawing from a Course

Once registration is complete, all registered students will receive grades for courses in which they are enrolled. A student who is unable to complete a course may withdraw and receive a grade of W. Because students may not have an accurate idea of their current grade, they should consult with their instructor and advisor before withdrawing from a course. The only way to withdraw from a course is to complete the Withdrawal Form from the Office of the Registrar. A student cannot withdraw from a course simply by not attending. That process will result in an F grade.

Withdrawal from courses with the grade of W will be allowed through the tenth week of the regular, non-accelerated semester, or through 5/8ths of the course. The date is published officially by the Registrar and is listed in each University Course Schedule booklet. Withdrawal involves the loss of tuition and credit hours and may change the student’s status from full-time to part-time.