Leave of Absence

A fully admitted graduate student who wishes to discontinue temporarily his or her graduate studies due to special circumstances (e.g., medical, personal or professional reasons) must request a formal leave of absence, in order to retain his or her status in the graduate program. A student may request a leave of absence for a semester. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may request additional leave of absence, semester by semester, for up to a total of two academic years. A student requesting a leave of absence must complete a Leave of Absence form and submit it to the Program Director. The Program Director will review and decide on each request. If the request is denied or the student fails to file a request for a leave of absence, the student will be required to apply for readmission and be subject to the curriculum at the time of readmission. A leave of absence does not alter the expected time limit for degree completion.

A fully admitted student may defer the starting of their studies, semester by semester, by requesting the deferment to the program director. The maximum deferment is two academic years. The student is subject to the curriculum offered at the time when s/he registers for the first class in the program. All academic policies apply only after the student is fully matriculated.