4+1 Baccalaureate-to-Masters Degree Program Guidelines

The 4+1 Baccalaureate-to-Master's Degree Program (4+1 Program) option provides outstanding Lewis University undergraduate students enrolled in selected baccalaureate programs the opportunity to begin taking graduate coursework in their senior year (completion of 90+ credit hours). The student accepted into an approved 4+1 program may begin fulfilling selected master's degree requirements while still completing requirements for the baccalaureate degree.

4+1 Program Designation
Not all programs offer a 4+1 option. To offer a 4+1 option, a master's degree granting program must seek approval from the College and the University, through the New Academic Program Approval process.

4+1 Program Requirements
  • Students must complete all University graduation requirements applicable to undergraduate students and to graduate students.
  • No more than nine (9) graduate semester hours may be taken while the student is completing an undergraduate degree in an approved 4+1 Program. The courses may fulfill the program course and credit hour requirements for both the undergraduate and the graduate program.
  • Students must fulfill all requirements for the undergraduate degree and the graduate degree, including minimum credit hours for both.


  • Departments may determine program-specific prerequisites for admission into 4+1 Programs in addition to University requirements.
  • In addition to department-determined program admission requirements, the student must have attained senior status by successfully earning 90+ credit hours and must be formally accepted into a University approved 4+1 baccalaureate-to-master's degree program.
  • The student must complete the University 4+1 Program Application and be approved by the program/department and college. Final approval prior to enrolling in graduate courses must be granted by the dean of Graduate, Professional, and Continuing Education, assuring compliance with University policy.
  • Student must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher to enroll in graduate level coursework.
  • A 4+1 Program may require additional evidence of readiness, such as faculty recommendations, additional approvals, or higher GPA.
Student Status
  • The student continues to be classified as an undergraduate student, with all rights and responsibilities, until all degree requirements for the baccalaureate degree are completed.
  • To maintain full-time status as an undergraduate student, 12 or more semester hours must be taken each term.
  • Admission to a 4+1 Program does not replace official application and admission to the graduate program. Application must be made to the graduate program consistent with University policy as outlined in the Graduate Catalog.