Graduate Education Values

Graduate education at Lewis University is aligned with and guided by the shared ideals expressed in our Catholic and Lasallian mission.

Open and Respectful Intellectual Engagement

Provide a safe environment for exploring diverse perspectives to positively address issues
Collaborative Scholarship and Innovation
Engage in a shared journey of rigorous and relevant pursuit of knowledge and novel solutions. Integrity and candor guide our scholarship to ensure credibility, build trust, and facilitate innovative approaches in partnership with community stakeholders.
Academic and Creative Excellence
Commit to the highest standards of learning, discovery, and student success through evidence-based program development and review, and assessment of student learning. 
Ethically Grounded
Engage students in responding ethically to complex societal issues through intellectual, collaborative, creative, and transformative approaches.
Inspire students to become transformative leaders able to create a clear, shared vision in pursuit of a dynamic future.