Catalog Requirements

Both the general University requirements and the departmental requirements for majors, minors, and certificate programs described in this catalog are current as of the time of publication. Those requirements may, however, change from time to time during the course of a student’s enrollment at Lewis. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor any changes to requirements published during their enrollment and to discuss with appropriate University or departmental personnel how, if at all, the changes affect the student’s academic program. The institutional policies represent the minimum expectations from the University. An individual academic program may have academic policies that are more stringent than the institutional policies.

The major and degree requirements in this catalog are applicable to those students who enter Lewis University in the academic year 2017-2018. The catalog effective date is that of the Fall Semester. Students follow requirements in the catalog of their first semester of enrollment. Students who are absent from Lewis for two or more consecutive years must follow the catalog requirements in effect upon return.