Student Life/Student Services

Athletic Program

Lewis University offers varsity intercollegiate competition for both men and women. The men’s intercollegiate program includes baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field, and volleyball. The women’s intercollegiate program includes basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field, and volleyball.

Guided by the Mission values of Lewis University and its Lasallian heritage, the athletic program provides students with opportunities to enhance their education, develop skills and understanding through participation in athletics, and represent their University in intercollegiate competition. The goals of intercollegiate athletics are to enhance the physical and intellectual abilities of those participating in the program and to provide the opportunity for spectators from the Lewis community and the community-at-large to attend athletic events.

Athletic programs support the University’s educational program. The Lewis athletic program subscribes to the idea that properly administered intercollegiate sports are beneficial activities that contribute to the physical, intellectual, and social experiences of the entire Lewis community. Additional information can be found at


Students are permitted to have cars on campus. They must operate them according to the regulations in the Student Handbook .

Campus Police Department

The Lewis University Police Department is responsible for maintaining a safe and secure campus environment which facilitates student development. The Police Department is composed of police officers certified by the State of Illinois, civilian campus safety staff, and student workers. More information about the Department can be found at

Career Services

The Office of Career Services is located in the Brother Paul French, FSC, Learning Resource Center (LRC). Counselors are committed to helping students research career options that correspond with their individual skills, values, interests, and goals. The personal and professional development of students is promoted through career counseling, resumé writing, and job search assistance. Additional information can be found at

The Center for Health and Counseling Services

The Center for Health and Counseling Services is a multi-purpose department that strives to maintain and enhance the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of students.

Staffed by University medical personnel including nurses on a full-time basis and physicians on a part-time basis, Health Services is equipped to handle acute, non-emergency illnesses and minor injuries. Dedicated to assisting students with issues or concerns that may impact their academic success or quality of life, Counseling Services is staffed by mental health professionals. Issues and mental health concerns addressed by staff members may include relationships, depression, anxiety, life transitions, victimization, drug/alcohol abuse, loss, grief, stress, and self esteem issues. Further information can be found at

Club Sports

Club Sports at Lewis University are designed to provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff of the University community to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities. Club Sports are organized and conducted by students under the direction of the Director of Student Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness. Additional information can be found at

International Student Services

The Office of International Student Services (ISS) provides services and advocacy for international students. The ISS office offers assistance with USCIS (formerly the INS) procedures, particularly for visa status maintenance and employment options. Additionally, it provides pre-semester orientation for new students, adjustment workshops for continuing students, and re-entry workshops for graduating students. In addition, the Office of International Student Services moderates the activities of the International Student Association (ISA). Additional information can be found at

Intramural Program

With an emphasis on participation and sportsmanship, the Intramural Program provides recreational activities for all men and women at Lewis University. A full range of activities is offered on both a team and an individual basis. Intramural competition is open to full-time students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Current programs and activities can be found at

Judicial Process

The Dean of Student Services oversees the Student Judicial Process. Violations of University Behavioral Standards and Policies are adjudicated at various levels depending on the severity of the alleged violation. The entire Judicial Process, as well as University Behavioral Standards and Policies, is outlined in detail in the Lewis University Student Handbook found at

Multicultural Student Services

The Office of Multicultural Student Services is committed to assisting students in achieving a successful college education in a diverse and culturally enriched environment. The office also advises over 15 student organizations; which include the Latin American Student Organization (LASO), the Black Student Union (BSU), the University Gospel Choir, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Greek Lettered Latinos/as, and the National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC). For further information, please go to

Residence Life

At Lewis University, residence halls are more than a place to sleep and eat. They are extensions of the classroom; they are places where students learn how to appreciate diversity by living and working with people different from themselves. Students in residence learn decision-making skills, they develop independence, they gain self-confidence, and they learn to accept responsibility. The Residence Life staff consists of full-time professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, all of whom reside on campus. Residence Life staff is licensed to provide support to students living on campus. Student involvement and community decision making are key ingredients in the Residence Life program. Each residence hall has a Residence Hall Association representative who lives in that facility. These students organize activities throughout the year and provide input to the Residence Life staff on a variety of topics, including maintenance, technology, and programming. Further information can be found at

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities, independently and in cooperation with the Student Governing Board and various student organizations, provides campus-wide social and educational activities for all students. Programs have included leadership skill development, alcohol education, hazing education, fundraising events, community service opportunities, hypnotists, musicians and concerts, dances, comedians, and caricature artists. The Student Union, under the supervision of the Office of Student Activities, provides space for recreational activities and meetings. Student lounges are also housed in the Student Union. The Flyers’ Den, operated by Sodexo Management Services, is located in the lower level of the Union and features a snack bar. Common Grounds, also operated by Sodexo Management Services, is located in Fitzpatrick Hall and offers a 24-hour convenience store and study lounge. Both lounges are popular among resident and commuter students alike. Additional information can be found at

Student Governing Board

The Student Governing Board is the official representative organization for the undergraduate student body. It serves as the major source of student input to the University administration. Board members communicate with the Office of Student Services in carrying out their responsibilities. Information about the Board can be found at

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook contains the policies, regulations, services and activities pertinent to student life at Lewis University. The Student Handbook supplements the material in this catalog. Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the contents of the Student Handbook . The Handbook can be found at

Student Organizations

Lewis University recognizes only those organizations whose constitutions and activities are consistent with the Mission and Catholic and Lasallian tradition of the University and have been approved and recognized by the Student Governing Board. Information on the current student organizations can be found at

Student Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center

All Lewis University students receive free membership to the Student Recreation and Fitness Center. Students need a current Lewis ID to gain access. Amenities include access to all areas of the facility (fieldhouse, fitness center, free weight area, group exercise studio, and pool), eligibility to participate in intramural sports and group fitness activities, outdoor adventure clinics and trips, and access to all wellness programs and activities. Current activities can be found at

University Ministry

University Ministry, in harmony with Lewis’ Catholic and Lasallian identity, embraces and nurtures enlightened religious experience within our community. University Ministry’s primary focus is to be a sign and instrument of the Gospel. Therefore we proclaim and celebrate the Gospel and invite the University Community to this mission. We seek to light our students’ hearts on fire for God’s Kingdom valuing:

  • Faith – loving the generous God made known to us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit and in the giftedness and dignity of all human beings;
  • Service – becoming more generous and loving in our time, talents, and treasures;
  • Community – celebrating our joys and sharing our sorrows with each other.

Information on services and programs offered by University Ministry, are found at