Reading is a complex process of constructing meaning from written language and involves an interaction between the reader, the text and the context of the reading setting. The Reading Program provides students with an opportunity to become strategic readers who use a variety of methods to continually develop and monitor their comprehension. The goal is to assist students in developing their reading and learning abilities and to help them succeed in University coursework.

College Reading Requirements

Academic Reading coursework is provided to prepare students for the rigors of academic reading that will be required in their major and other coursework. Based on their demonstrated skills, students may be required to take the sequence of Academic Reading courses; however, any student may elect to take a reading course to learn to handle college-level texts. To provide support for students entering Lewis University, the Department of Reading and Literacy administers the Nelson-Denny Reading Test to all incoming freshmen at the time of registration (SOAR). Based on the results of this assessment, students may be placed in a course that best meets their needs: Academic Reading I (57-150) or Academic Reading II (57-151).

Placement decisions are based total scores on the Nelson-Denny according to the following criteria:

Nelson-Denny total score below 86 — Required placement in Academic Reading I (57-150) followed by Academic Reading II (57-151)

Nelson-Denny total score 86-96 — Required placement in Academic Reading II (57-151)

Nelson-Denny total score above 97 — No coursework needed

Students placed in Academic Reading I (57-150) during their first semester are required to take Academic Reading II during the subsequent semester. Academic advisors need to make sure that students required to take reading courses are registered for the correct course.

Students who wish to appeal the reading placement must fill out the Appeal of Reading Placement Exam Results form available in the Leckrone Academic Resource Center (LARC) or in the College of Education office. The Department of Reading & Literacy faculty will review the appeal and the results of the decision will be provided, in writing, within two weeks of the appeal.