Marketing is the driving force that distinguishes one company from another.

Effective Marketing is essential to the success of any business, practice, product, or service, and is an exciting part of business. Marketing is the science behind informing consumers that your product exists, its features, functions and benefits, and how it will satisfy consumer needs.

Marketing is also the art of communication - understanding human behavior and the stimuli that prompt people to buy products and services as well as crafting messages that speak in the language and context of your consumers.

Marketing begins with understanding the people whose needs you can satisfy with your product or service. It moves on to strategies involving “the marketing mix” of product, price, place and promotion, and it concludes with strategies for customer retention and repeat purchasing.

Our Marketing Faculty are all experienced marketing practitioners with a host of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. Our strength lies in our abilities to help students take what they learn, and apply it to real-world scenarios. The Faculty are gifted professionals who are passionate about their craft, dedicated to student learning, and live out the mission of Lewis University.

Our Marketing Department offers students two exciting paths in a College of Business major.

  1. Traditional Marketing Path - A time-honored marketing major, teaching principles and strategies proven to propel organizations on a road to success, and
  2. Social Media Marketing Path - An innovative, cutting edge science in the use of Social Media as a driver to organizational marketing success. This approach studies the strategies utilized in websites and a a variety of current social media marketing channels including Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.