Organizational Leadership


Applying the knowledge, insight, and skill of the social sciences to the workplace, Organizational Leadership is founded upon liberal learning in the Lasallian tradition, with emphasis on Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Communication.

Leadership is identified as essential to organizational effectiveness and success. Students in Organizational Leadership study the multiple understandings of both “leadership” and “organization,” develop the skills associated with these themes, are prepared to bring these abilities to the highest level of effectiveness in organizations, develop skills in human relations and management operations, and are introduced to critical and strategic perspectives. Majors are taught to interpret, direct, and understand organizational alignment.

Organizational Leadership offers three integrated programs of study:

1. Bachelor of Arts

2. Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts (BA to MA)

3. Master of Arts

    Program Design

    The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is intended for adults with at least three years of work experience. It is designed for flexibility and accelerated completion.

    Courses are offered year-round and meet one evening per week. Cohort groups meet weekly throughout the metropolitan Chicago area. The department also offers the entire graduate curriculum in weeknight format throughout the year. Additionally, courses are offered in online format. Graduates experience the best of undergraduate/graduate study in the major, while continuing their involvement at home, in the community, and in the workplace.

    This is an open entry program where students may initiate study at any time. Courses are scheduled to allow students to enter at the beginning of any of the eight-week course sessions throughout the year. The schedule is also designed to allow students to take time out from enrollment and re-enter as circumstances permit. The program is designed for students whose personal and professional interests would be better served by an accelerated format.

    Policies for admission, transfer of credits, student status, time limits for completion of programs and other foundational information are listed in the relevant University Catalogs, either undergraduate or graduate. See the Graduate Catalog for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program.