ECON - Economics

ECON-54500 International Economics

This course gives students a comprehensive analysis of international economic factors that impact trade and labor movements between countries. Topics covered include: the nature of tariffs, quotas, voluntary import relations, the balance of trade, currency speculation, and other economic relations.


BSAN 50400, BSAD 52000

ECON-55400 Managerial Economics

Upon completion of this course, students have a thorough understanding of the market system of resource allocation, which forms the basis of the business environment. The course emphasizes the manner in which managers and firms make decisions within the system. This course examines how economic tools, techniques, and indicators can be used for solving organizational problems related to competitiveness, productivity, and growth. You will explore the management implications of a variety of economic concepts and effective strategies to make decisions within a global context.



BSAD 52000 and BSAN 50400