Principal Preparation Endorsement Only (No Degree)


  1. Earned Master's degree in relevant field.
  2. Professional Educator License.
  3. Four years successful teaching experience or school support personnel experience.
  4. Interview with the Principal Preparation Team.

An applicant applying for principal endorsement on an Illinois license must have an earned Master's degree, four years of teaching experience, and must also verify completion of an approved program and coursework addressing specific Illinois standards for principal preparation.  The following are the core courses in our State-approved program of study for Principal preparation.

Core Courses (27)

Core Courses: (27)

EDLD-52200Ethical and Moral Foundations of Educational Leadership


EDLD-53800Critical Issues in School Law for Educational Leaders


EDLD-54800Organizational Systems in Educational Leadership


EDLD-55700Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for School Improvement


EDLD-55800School Finance


EDLD-57700Supervision for Professional Development


EDLD-58000Critical Transformative Leadership


EDLD-58800Internship 1


EDLD-58900Internship 2


While most candidates will need to complete all 27 hours of the above coursework for program entitlement, candidates with prior coursework, and an earned Master's degree may waive up to 9 hours, as long as it is evident that the specific standards set by the state of Illinois have been met in appropriate prior coursework.  Previous coursework can be evaluated for credit towards program completion by the program faculty and licensure officer.

Additional State of Illinois Requirements for Endorsement on the PEL

Illinois Licensure examinations (2) for Principal endorsement

Completion of Illinois Performance Evaluation - Teacher Evaluation Training (IPA AA #2001)

In addition, the State of Illinois requires completion of coursework addressing methods of teaching exceptional children, reading methods, content area reading, and methods of teaching English language learners.  If these requirements have not been met in previous coursework, before recommending a candidate for principal endorsement Lewis may require additional courses, including, but not limited to those listed below (or other appropriate coursework in consultation with the program to meet those standards):


Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities


Foundations of Bilingual and English Language Learner Education


Literacy for Other School Personnel

Note: ISBE requirements are subject to change.  Please contact your advisor for the most up to date licensure information.

Director of Special Education Endorsement

Program: NOND-SPLD-3


Candidates who have an administrative endorsement on their Professional Educator License and coursework in special education may elect to complete additional coursework leading to Illinois State Board of Education approval for the Director of Special Education Endorsement via individual transcript evaluation.. Endorsement will work with Lewis University’s Licensure Officer to review all transcripts to determine what additional coursework is needed to fulfill  ISBE requirements. Courses for the Special Education Director may include but are not limited to the following:

Special Education non-core courses beyond M.Ed. (per transcript evaluation)


Supervision and Administration of Special Education






Special Education Finance



Special Education Law



Note: ISBE requirements are subject to change. Please contact your advisor for the most up to date licensure information.